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Brief Description:
Foot Prints are moldable arch-support inserts for different kinds of footwear. In this example, the images explain the device to be compatible with flip-flop sandals, but it can also be used with other shoes.
Foot Prints
Purpose of the Invention:
Foot Prints provide support for the arch of the foot. The supportive insert can be customized to fit specific foot shapes, eliminating the need to purchase prescription inserts.
Problem[s] the Invention Solves:
  People who experience chronic problems with their feet – especially the arch of their foot – will seek help from podiatrists. To alleviate the problem, the doctor may prescribe prescription foot inserts. These appointments and the prescription foot inserts will cost handsome sums of money. If the inserts do not work, a return to the doctor’s office is inevitable. Alternative foot inserts do not exist on the market, and a person does not have other choices than meeting with a doctor.
Detailed Description of the Invention:
  Foot Prints are foot supports that can be applied to different types of footwear. They resemble traditional shoe inserts, except they are constructed from hard plastic that becomes moldable when placed in the microwave. The inserts can be designed to be removable, where they fit between a shoe’s footpad and tread through a slit in the back of the footwear. The insert can be removed and placed in the microwave to become moldable. Non-removable inserts can be built into the shoe, eliminating the need for the slit in the back. The removable insert or the footwear with the non-removable insert is placed into the microwave. The microwave is set at a predetermined heat and time, and the concealed plastic piece becomes moldable when the microwave’s cycle is completed. After it’s removed from the microwave, the insert or footwear with the non-removable insert is placed on the foot. A person then utilizes a dowel rod that is provided in the device’s packaging to roll the insert over the bottom of the foot, conforming it to the shape of the arch. The plastic hardens as it cools, and it becomes a reliable, supportive insert for the arch of the foot. For the removable insert design, the back of the footwear where the slit is located contains a hook and loop fastening system that connects the footpad to the tread, securing the plastic insert inside. This hook and loop system is easily detached, allowing the insert to be removed if a person desires to place it inside different footwear or the microwave. The removable, moldable insert eliminates trips to the podiatrist, saving money and time. Other designs that include a permanent insert built into the footwear have no hook and loop fasteners. The inserts can be reheated and conformed to the foot many times. Exact specifications of the inserts may vary when they are manufactured on a broader scale.
Description of Drawings:
  FIGURE 1 Shows a pair of inserts removed from the flip-flop sandals.
FIGURE 2 Shows the plastic inserts being placed into a microwave so they can be molded to a person’s arch.
FIGURE 3 Shows how the moldable plastic is inserted into the back slit of the sandals.
FIGURE 4 Shows a person utilizing the dowel rod to mold the plastic into the shape of their arch.
FIGURE 5 Shows the sandals after the plastic has been molded and hardened.
Virtual Drawings
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Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 5

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