1. This agreement, made this 27th day of August 2008 between Marc and Priscilla Schultz (The Landlords) and _________ (The Tenant) for the Property located at ________________________.


  1. The tenant is to use and occupy said property as a private residence to commence on the ______ day of ___________.


  1. Tenant agrees to pay rent of $____________ per ________ payable in advance and due by the Friday of every week.


  1. Landlord (shall or shall not)   pay for utilities that consist of Gas, Electric & Water.


  1. The damage deposit of $________ will be due by ___________ and will be held. This damage deposit is in no way to be considered rent, and will be returned when occupant vacates the premises provided that the house, out buildings, yard, fence, and environs are left clean and in good condition. Damaged deposit is also contingent on the tenants fully and faithfully complying with all of the terms, provisions and conditions of the agreement. This inspection will be conducted AFTER tenants have vacated the premises.


  1. A late charge of $5.00 per day will be charged if the rent isn’t paid by the Friday that it is due.  If rent is not paid in full by the following Friday, legal recourse will follow and tenants will pay all legal expenses, including attorney fees.


  1. A $20.00 service charge will be assessed to the tenants for any returned checks.


  1. This agreement is good for 6 months from the move in date and will expire after six months. Afterwards a 30-day notice must be given to cancel lease by the Landlord or tenant.


  1. Landlord is NOT responsible for Tenants PERSONAL PROPERTY or any damage or injury to any persons or property on said premises however arising.


  1. Tenant will make no electrical, carpentry, plumbing, painting, or other alterations to the premises without landlord’s prior consent.


  1. Tenants will have NO PETS on the premises.


  1. Tenants shall be responsible for maintaining normal upkeep and minor repairs of the house and premises, including but not limited light bulbs, batteries in smoke detectors, and ect.


  1. Landlord will have access to house upon prior notification to tenants, either in writing or oral, for inspections, repairs and maintenance or in the case of termination of this tenancy, to show the premises to any prospective tenant.


  1. Tenants will pay all legal fees, collection fees and attorney fees incurred by landlord in enforcing legal action or otherwise any of landlord’s rights under this agreement or under any law of this state.


  1. Landlord will maintain lawn care of said property.


  1. Payment should be mail to Marc & Priscilla Schultz, ___________________









_______________________________DATE ________________

Marc E. Schultz





Priscilla A. Schultz